Mommies need nurturing too

Jada Pinkett Smith did an amazing interview with her mother and daughter, and her daughter asked her, “What’s the hardest part about being a mom?”
Her response- (paraphrased) I loved you and your brother and your father so much I lost myself.  I was giving, giving, giving, but I was miserable.  I had to learn to invest in myself.  Take time for myself.  Nurture and take care of myself so that I could be the best me.

Why is this so hard for us mommies to figure out?  Do any of you look up and get to work and realize that you rushed around so much that you didn’t really get yourself together the way you wanted?  Or, have you had an entire week where you never make it home before 8 or 9 pm, and are still tasked with feeding the children, getting baths, homework, cleaning up, etc.? (Not to mention take some time to catch up with your significant other.) I do. Not only that, then I have the nerve to sit around and wonder why I’m tired.  Why I can’t just go, go, go as though I have an inexhaustible reserve of energy and time.  Well  of course I am.  Often, I look up and find that I’ve been giving to my family, my community, my job, and everyone else, and haven’t really, (except for those twenty minutes I locked myself in the bathroom and read a trashy blog), taken any time for myself and my own interests.  Sure, I find pleasure in everyday. . . That’s how I keep going. . . (Nothing lifts my spirits like getting in the car and “Back that Azz up” by Juvenile coming on the radio.  We stop everything and dance.  All of us. .  . mommy, baby, and daddy if he’s in the car.) It’s wonderful and necessary to find beauty in the everyday.  But if you took stock of the last twenty-four hours can you say that you devoted one hour to your own enrichment or  pleasure?  Now, how many did you devote to your your employer, your children’s enrichment, your significant other’s?  Let me guess. . . The tally is a bit lopsided. . . Of course it is, and I’m right there with you.
That, is why I’m attending yoga teacher training, and pursing the path of the yogin. For me, yoga is my me time.  It’s the time I take to practice being present, take time for myself, love myself, and others.  A yoga practice is not just physical, it is a practice of quieting the mind and being fully present.  Check out your local studio, or even a video on youtube. In the future,  I’ll be sharing some of my favorite free yoga sources.  The best thing about yoga is that it can be done anywhere, no equipment necessary.  And as a busy working mom, I need this time more than I ever did.  Check out the video below, and share your comments.  Do Jada’s words resonate with you?  How do you busy, busy, fabulous supermommies find the time to nurture yourself?


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