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to the man who raped me (f*** Bill Cosby)

I am not less than because you violated me.

What once was freely given now drily observed and consumed

I have no voice, screams dissolve in deaf ears, muted by rough hands and a baritone voice making it known that resistance is futile

I am not less than, but I am not the same.

Forever stained with the knowledge

that my will is not enough

my no is not enough

my heartbreak is not enough to stop hands that would take from me that which is most sacredly mine to give.

I am not less than because I tried to pretend it did not happen, going through motions until I collapse under the shame and pain- the gargantuan weight of the memory

of rough hands that would take

that which is not yours to consume.

-Lady in Yellow

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(c) Lady in Yellow, 2016, All rights reserved.